End-of-lease cleaning checklist

Office space during end of lease cleaning

End of lease cleaning is one of those things that can sound like a chore. But it’s very important that it is handled correctly by an experienced cleaner. Your end of lease clean will affect your bond, and perhaps even your reputation as a business.

End of Lease Cleaning: DIY vs Commercial Cleaners

Commercial cleaning equipment for the carpet

We all know how difficult it is to get your bond back at the end of a lease. Most of us have run into situations where our landlords or property managers withhold some, if not all, of our bond. In order for you to get your bond back, it’s crucial that you leave your Sydney […]

Why should you keep the back of your Melbourne retail business clean?

Professional cleaning for retail spaces in Melbourne

It’s important to make sure every part of your Melbourne retail store is clean with the help of a professional commercial cleaner Last time we talked about how maintaining a clean store is key to attracting more new customers and running a successful Melbourne retail business. But the parts of the store where customers can’t […]

How to keep your Melbourne retail business clean

Commercial cleaning in Melbourne

It’s important to keep your retail business in Melbourne clean with a professional commercial cleaner. First impressions are everything when it comes to running a successful retail business in Melbourne. If your store appears dirty, chances are potential customers are not going to step inside your store. Spending time and effort in maintaining a clean […]