End-of-lease cleaning checklist

End-of-lease cleaning is one of those things that can sound like a chore. But it’s very important that it is handled correctly by an experienced cleaner. Your end-of-lease clean will affect your bond, and perhaps even your reputation as a business.An office or a commercial space should be left neat and tidy, in the same condition as when you moved in. If you have been in your office for a while, there will be spots that may never have seen the light of day until you move that filing cabinet or desk! There could be indents on the carpets, marks on the wall, and grit at the back of cupboards.

Experience can save you money on your end-of-lease clean

It’s true having regular office cleaning in place will reduce the amount of mess when you leave. But you will also need an experienced end-of-lease cleaner to ensure all the details that landlords and real estate agents look for are checked off properly.Most leases allow for a fair amount of wear and tear. But even so, your old office needs to be cleaned correctly at the end of your lease. We recommend:
  • All surfaces should be wiped down, including the walls, windows, windowsills, ledges, skirting boards, window tracks, and roller doors.
  • Check and remove dust and spider webs from all corners of the office, plus any outdoor areas.
  • Spot clean stubborn marks from the walls and floors.
  • All cupboards and drawers should be emptied. The front and the inside of them should be wiped too.
  • All touch points such as light switches, door handles, etc are wiped and cleaned. Any lights that don’t work should be replaced with new ones.
  • All areas of the floor should be vacuumed. Hard floors should then be mopped, and any carpets should be steam cleaned.
  • If your space had a sink, make sure the drain is clear of food scraps and clean the taps and faucet.
  • If your space had a fridge, pull it out from the wall to clean the walls and floor it was on.
  • If your space had a fan be sure to clean the surfaces of the fan blades.
  • If your space has an air conditioner make sure to remove the dust from it.
  • Remove curtains and clean them before putting them back.
  • Any flyscreens should be taken out to be washed before being reinserted.
  • Any excess rubbish should be removed.
We have been conducting end of lease cleaning in Sydney for over 15 years, so we know what to expect when you move that cupboard that has been in the one place for ages! We know what agents and landlords look for when they sign a space off. Our goal is not only to leave your office as it was when you moved in, but better. Our cleaners go the extra mile to make sure you have no hassles.Commercial bonds can run into thousands of dollars, and engaging a less-than-competent cleaner could well affect the status of your bond. By the time the inspection is done, you will be into your new premises. The last thing you want is to get the cleaners in again because the landlord wasn’t happy.

We can add any services you require

We can assist with the steam cleaning of carpets, window cleaning, deodorising, and any other special requirements you may have. We can also advise on what we feel it will be necessary to do, to ensure you have no problems on final inspection. Our experience with agents and landlords may save you endless headaches.Let us make sure your landlord is happy and the final inspection goes well.

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We’re here to help you get your office space in ship shape when you hand the keys back. Contact us to get an obligation-free quote on your end of lease clean today.

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