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meeting in a clean Sydney office

Get back to work with a professionally cleaned Sydney office

Finally! Sydney is open for business again. As the lockdown lifts, you and your employees will begin making their way back to the office. Whether you are in your office full time, or are working more flexibly nowadays, there’s never been a better reason to have a professionally cleaned office...

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Professional COVID-19 deep clean specialists in Sydney

The COVID-19 lockdown unfortunately drags on across Sydney and surrounding areas. This impacts businesses of all shapes and sizes, in many different ways. Infoclean is available and ready with trained staff to help deep clean any commercial premises. Whether your business becomes a COVID-19 contact location, or whether you are...

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Being Flexible

Organisation Culture Lessons from 2020 – Being Flexible

If there is any clear takeaway from last year that we should be taking into 2021, it’s the importance of flexibility for organisations in response to changing circumstances. In terms of processes and workflows, businesses have faced upheaval and change in the past 12 months that could have never previously...

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Why am I not productive and organised?

Isn’t it interesting how being clean is associated with being productive and organised? I mean, they aren’t the same thing, at all, but it’s pretty much considered a universal truth, and can be found in most cultures around the world. This universality implies that there’s something deeper at play than...

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Summer is the season for a Sydney office deep clean

Spring is a great time to de-clutter and reorganise your Sydney office, while summer is the time for a great Sydney office deep clean. A thorough, professional deep clean can eliminate germs from your premises, helping you prevent sick employees; boost employee productivity; and create a clean slate for your...

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2021 is on the horizon – let’s start fresh!

With state borders opening and lockdown restrictions easing, Australia is returning to a new normal. This is amazing news just in time for the holiday season. It’s also perfect for setting your business up, able and ready, when January 1st rolls around. With infoclean, we’ll ensure a fresh start for...

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7 Must-asks to ensure you find your perfect cleaner

With all the drama going on in the world, cleaning is on top of everyone’s minds. With businesses and office spaces opening up again, you might be considering if a new cleaner is right for you. Well, rest assured, we’ve compiled a list to make sure you get a cleaner...

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Long lasting protection for your office

With COVID, it seems like cleaning is constantly required. Masks, wipes and disinfectants; all surfaces have the potential to carry the virus. Infoclean’s new cleaning solution stays active on surfaces for 28 days—offering better, longer lasting protection for your workplace. Businesses are dealing with keeping staff and clients safe amidst...

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COVID-19 commercial cleaning services across Sydney

As COVID-19 affects more businesses and livelihoods, you want the best protection available to keep your business running and your clients and employees safe. We’ve worked with scientists and manufacturers to bring you the best products on offer that deliver better, more practical protection. At Infoclean, we now use a...

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