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Signs you should invest in commercial cleaning

10 signs you should invest in commercial cleaning

Keeping your workspace clean is one of those things we all intend to do. To start with, you do it yourself, then you get some more staff and try to make sure they tidy up after themselves… Has this been working out for you, or does your workplace look more...

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Office cleaning checklist

Office Cleaning Sydney Checklist

At first glance, office cleaning appears straightforward – clear the rubbish, dust, and run the vacuum. But achieving a truly immaculate workspace goes well beyond surface-level tidying. An adept cleaner should work discreetly, ensuring their efforts manifest in an impeccably maintained workspace without causing any disruption. In the vibrant landscape...

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Cleaning after construction can be a messy business.

Are you prepared for your post construction clean?

Post construction cleaning demands a highly specialised approach, which sets it apart from your everyday cleaning job. There are many challenges unique to an after builders’ clean, which is required after construction or renovation work. Dealing with the rubble and other mess of a newly built site is not only...

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Commercial cleaning in a Sydney office

What makes a better commercial cleaner?

Commercial cleaning is similar to many other businesses, except the results are very personal and very public. Each week when you walk into your office, shop, factory, or place of business, you probably don’t think twice about how spotless and clean everything is, unless something has not been done properly....

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Commercial carpet cleaning equipment

5 dirty secrets your carpet is hiding from you

Carpets have long been an attractive flooring option for the home and office. But it’s often that space is not maintained properly with professional carpet cleaning. In these cases, unwanted debris can build up in them over time, affecting indoor air quality and becoming a health risk to you and...

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Office space during end of lease cleaning

End-of-lease cleaning checklist

End of lease cleaning is one of those things that can sound like a chore. But it’s very important that it is handled correctly by an experienced cleaner. Your end of lease clean will affect your bond, and perhaps even your reputation as a business.

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Sydney office cleaners with floor equipment

Is your Sydney office cleaner up to scratch?

The process of hiring a new Sydney office cleaner can be a big time investment, so it’s often one of those things that tend to get entrenched. Our experience with many of our new clients was that they stuck with their previous service for some time, even if they weren’t...

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