What makes a better commercial cleaner?

Commercial cleaning is similar to many other businesses, except the results are very personal and very public. Each week when you walk into your office, shop, factory, or place of business, you probably don’t think twice about how spotless and clean everything is, unless something has not been done properly.

At Infoclean, we are a better commercial cleaning service because we stop to consider every aspect of cleaning in your office. Our commercial cleaners are passionate about ensuring your office in Sydney is spotless and organized. We go the extra mile to cover every detail, from the dust on the bottom of your chair to the desk space underneath your phone. With our exceptional service, every nook and cranny in your office will be immaculately cleaned, so that day in and day out you never have to think about your office cleaning again.

Whenever we accept a new job, we bring years of experience with us in all aspects of commercial cleaning. Regardless of your business type, we have most likely tackled it before or have existing clients in your industry. If you can name a cleaning challenge, we’ve got the expertise to handle it.

We always keep in mind the unique challenges involved in maintaining the cleanliness of your business. Our team understands the particular nuances of your office’s needs and we ensure that our cleaners will always address them with utmost care and attention.

So for us at Infoclean there are a number of things that make a better commercial cleaner:

We understand your space

All spaces may look similar, but the science of understanding where the dust, dirt, and grime gather comes from experience. While anyone can walk into a space and do the bare minimum to clean it up, a better commercial cleaner has the experience to thoroughly clean the area and identify specific areas which require the most attention.

We understand your business

Understanding how your staff and clients use the space is crucial to ensuring you get the results you need. Retail spaces are very tactile, customers are constantly touching things, the entry and exit areas get more foot traffic. Desk spaces are very personal to staff and while cleaning and working in their space we need to be mindful of their environment. Every workplace is different, so by familiarizing ourselves with your business, we can deliver a better commercial cleaning service.

We are clear and straightforward

It’s crucial to have good communication in any business relationship, and this is no different with a commercial cleaning company. We pride ourselves on keeping open communication with our customers. Our staff will respond to your inquiries quickly, and take your valuable feedback seriously.

Before any work is done we will give you detailed contract about our pricing and the scope of work. We’re not here to surprise you with hidden fees or unexpected costs after the cleaning service is done. With transparent pricing, you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for and won’t be surprised when you get the bill.

We go the extra mile

At the outset we have a specified list of jobs that our commercial cleaners will complete. Managers regularly conduct site inspections to ensure we are on top of them, but it is the small additional duties that make us better commercial cleaners. Whether it’s the last wipe on the doorframe, the straightening of a desk, or the dusting of the chair base, we leave your business looking better.

We make our service flexible for you

A better commercial cleaning company doesn’t just give all their customers a one-size-fits-all service. Instead we always take the time to understand your business’s unique cleaning needs. We’ll work with you to create a cleaning plan that aligns with your schedule, budget, and priorities. We can also adjust our commercial cleaning services to match your changing needs. If you need extra cleaning before a special occasion or want to cut down on services during certain times of the year, we can make the arrangements to ensure you are satisfied.

We were never there

We want you and your staff to walk back into your business to a neat and clean environment and not even think twice about us. We are guests in your space and we are very mindful of your environment. Our team arrives on time, performs our commercial cleaning services to the highest standard, and departs without a trace. The only evidence of our presence will be that your space is sparkling clean.

The commercial cleaning industry in Sydney is highly competitive, so we’re always at the top of our game to ensure you’re happy with our service. If you would like a quote or are unhappy with your current commercial cleaning service, simply call us at 1300 253 226 or fill out the form below. One of our managers will be in touch.

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