Medical centers and surgeries

Medical centers and surgeries need to be spotless and disinfected thoroughly. These processes lessen the threat of transferring disease and give your staff and patients peace of mind.

Infoclean is ready and available anytime to provide professional medical and surgery cleaning requirements.

Medical centers and surgeries by their very nature harbour some potentially damaging germs. Keeping the space clean and disinfected is paramount to ensure the safety of your patients and staff. We have experienced cleaners who understand the importance of keeping medical centers and surgeries clean. We use custom disinfectants and cleaning processes tailored to the needs of every space to ensure that your center or surgery is always clean and sterile. 

How we go about cleaning medical centres and surgeries

Medical spaces require more attention than any other kind of area.

Processes for removal of waste, and cleaning functional and waiting areas need to be exact. At Infoclean we have highly trained staff that can complete any type of medical or surgery commercial clean. 

Our services extend from small doctor surgeries and medical centres through to hospital and commercial medical spaces.

Commercial cleaning for medical spaces

Types of medical centres and surgeries we clean

Do you require COVID-19 cleaning?

Get your business COVID deep cleaned with certification by Infoclean. Call us now on 1300 253 226.

Infoclean is a professional commercial cleaner with 15 years of experience in the industry. Our dedicated team has been working from the outset of the pandemic to provide COVID-19 deep cleaning services to a myriad of businesses and workplaces across Sydney.

Infoclean has worked with scientists and manufacturers to bring you the best protection available to keep your business, clients and employees safe. We use hospital-grade cleaner that remains active for 28 days — keeping surfaces disinfected for longer and providing better, more practical protection.

Infoclean owner and founder, Maicol has completed a range of important certifications, ensuring a COVID-19 deep clean completed is to the highest standard:
  • Infection Control Training – COVID 19 – by Australian Gov Department of Health
  • Infection Prevention And Control – by Sentrient
  • HHA Work Safe and Clean – by Hand Hygiene Australia
Commercial deep cleaning in Sydney
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What clients say about our medical and surgery cleaning services

Amazing cleaners, very reliable and trustworthy. Nothing is too much trouble, with wonderful friendly service. Highly recommend. Very pleased.

Alisha Manning

So happy to have found these guys. Staff love how well they clean the office. Thank you.

Michele Edwards

We’ve been very happy with Infoclean’s service! They’re very responsive and friendly, and have gone above and beyond for us in helping us with our business’ cleaning needs.

Rebekah S

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