Are you prepared for your post construction clean?

Post construction cleaning demands a highly specialised approach, which sets it apart from your everyday cleaning job. There are many challenges unique to an after builders’ clean, which is required after construction or renovation work. Dealing with the rubble and other mess of a newly built site is not only a laborious task for someone who’s lacking the right equipment and expertise; it can also be potentially dangerous if the job is handled improperly. Here are some of the ways our commercial cleaning team can make your life easier when you’re in need of a post construction clean.

Heavy-duty cleaning

During a post construction clean it’s important to use heavy-duty approaches to remove all kinds of building residues which might have accumulated during the construction process, such as dust, debris, plaster, paint splatters, adhesives, and grime. Ideally a post post construction clean will make the premises look like the builders were never there. Our commercial cleaners know that more involved techniques and a greater eye for detail is required to eliminate any trace of construction residues and debris.

After a construction there may also be a lot of large and heavy construction materials left over to remove, such as packaging and rubble. We’ll lend you with the manpower of an entire cleaning team, and sturdy equipment which can efficiently deal with removing rubble.

Specialized cleaning equipment

After a construction or renovation, specialised cleaning techniques and equipment are essential to achieve a proper clean of the site. Depending on the features of the newly built space, some of the things you may find yourself in need of to tackle the job the right way could include industrial vacuums, pressure washers, chemical solvents for adhesive removal, and abrasive materials for tackling tough stains – just to name a few. If you don’t already have access to commercial equipment like this, buying or renting it could cost you a lot more time and money.

We know this can be a big hassle to invest in, especially for someone who isn’t expecting to do another post construction clean anytime soon. So that’s why Infoclean is dedicated to providing all the professional resources to handle a post construction clean painlessly for you.

Attention to safety

Ensuring everyone’s safety is of utmost importance when it comes to post construction cleaning. In a situation like this it’s quite common for staff or cleaners to encounter hazards such as exposed wires, uneven surfaces, and leftover construction materials. Thankfully, our cleaning professionals possess the necessary expertise to quickly identify and deal with any risks on the site. All of our staff are trained to strictly adhere to safety protocols and are familiar with Material Safety Data Sheets, so they can clean up any hazardous substances the right way.

After construction, air quality is due to the sheer amount of dust and which can be raised during construction. During our post construction clean we’ll give special attention to cleaning air ducts and air conditioning systems to ensure everyone using the space afterwards can enjoy clean and safe air quality.

Detailed cleaning for different surfaces

After a construction, every single surface needs detailed cleaning to eliminate dust and fine particles that settle on various surfaces. Our cleaners use commercial cleaning techniques and products to ensure no matter what a surface is made of, from delicate glass to tough concrete, it will be properly cared for and cleaned in the optimal way.

If the space contains carpets or curtains these will require deep cleaning as well. We’ll give them the special attention they need to look and feel like new again. Our post construction cleaners will use professional cleaning equipment such as steam cleaners to eliminate all signs of dust and dirt from them.

We take pride in our ability to understand the unique requirements of each space we clean. Our goal is to complete every post construction clean effectively and safely, leaving you with a space that’s spotless and ready for use. 

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