10 signs you should invest in commercial cleaning

Keeping your work-space clean is one of those things we all intend to do. To start with you do it yourself, then you get some staff and you make sure they tidy up after themselves, then you get more staff and things start to get messy. Maybe it is time you invested a reliable commercial cleaner.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  1. When was the last time you vacuumed the office floor?

Yes we are sure you have good intentions. You mean to drag the vacuum out every Friday afternoon but lately you have been so busy it just hasn’t been happening? Or maybe you are out of vacuum bags? Or maybe you just don’t want to.

Pack away the vacuum and call a better commercial cleaner to give you a quote. The time you will save will make you more money than doing it yourself.

  1.  Did the bins get emptied over the weekend?

Nothing like turning up to work and all the bins are still full from last week’s rubbish. No one likes taking the rubbish out , at home or the office, but a good commercial cleaner does. Making your office spick and span is what they do.

  1. How old is that dust behind your monitor?

Has the dust been there that long that you are on speaking terms? Will it eventually engulf your whole desk? Get a commercial cleaner and you will banish dust forever.

  1. Have the phones been cleaned?

Winter is over but all those germs liinger. Does the handset feel like it has just come from a  5 year old’s birthday party? Need we say more, get those phone cleaned by someone who knows what they are doing.

  1. How are your switches looking?

Light switches and power switches are touched and prodded and poked with fingers, elbows, and whatever is at hand, but how often do they get cleaned? Are those grubby finger marks still there from the last office drinks?

  1. What was that?

What was that thing you just saw crawling past? Bugs and crawlies love spaces that are not properly cleaned. Nothing attracts cockroaches better than garbage left lying about. A regular office cleaning by an experienced commercial cleaning company will ensure that your creepy crawlies have nowhere to live.

  1. I am sure it is your time to clean the bathroom

Everyone hates cleaning bathrooms, and even if you have a roster it gets neglected. You know who doesn’t hate cleaning bathrooms? A good commercial cleaner, if your bathrooms are grotty get a commercial cleaner over quick smart to give you a quote.

  1. Can you even see out your windows?

Windows are the eyes to the soul/office 🙂 If your windows are dusty, neglected and dirty what does it say about your office? Let the sun in and get them cleaned, clear up that view and brighten up that office with some sparkling windows.

  1. Kitchen? We have a kitchen?

Did you even know you have a kitchen? Is it so diabolical in there that no one has ventured there for years?  Get those benches sparkling and the cupboards clean with an experienced commercial cleaning outfit and get your kitchen back!

  1. You know your time is more valuable

Concentrate on what you are good at and let a good commercial cleaner do what they are good at. They well let you enjoy your workspace with little hassle with maximum benefit.

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