10 signs you should invest in commercial cleaning

Keeping your workspace clean is one of those things we all intend to do. To start with, you do it yourself, then you get some more staff and try to make sure they tidy up after themselves… Has this been working out for you, or does your workplace look more like you just stepped into the Bermuda Triangle of cleanliness? We get so caught up in the daily hustle that we might miss the subtle, or not-so-subtle, signs that our office needs some professional TLC. Here are 10 signs that could tell you maybe it’s time for you to invest in a reliable commercial cleaner.

Do any of these sound familiar…?

1. When was the last time the office was vacuumed?

You totally meant for someone to drag the vacuum out every Friday afternoon but lately, your team has been caught in a whirlwind of deadlines and meetings. It just hasn’t been happening. And is the office out of vacuum bags again?

Calling a commercial cleaner to handle the vacuuming not only saves your staff from a mundane task none of them really want to do but ensures a level of cleanliness that your household vacuum might not quite achieve. Save yourselves from a need to vacuum during your precious office hours, which could be noisy and disruptive not only for the team in your room, but your neighbours trying to work in the next office across as well. The time you save will make you more money than doing it yourself.

2. Did the bins get emptied over the weekend?

There’s nothing quite like the disappointment of arriving at your workplace only to find that the bins are still overflowing with last week’s garbage. Instead of a fresh-smelling start to the week, you’re greeted with a pungent reminder of the mess that was left behind. It’s a sight and smell that could instantly dampen anyone’s spirits.

No one likes taking the rubbish out at home or the office, except for a good commercial cleaner, who takes pride in doing just that. They’ll make your office spick and span, rescuing your business space from being filled with unwelcome clutter and mystery odors.

3. How old is that dust behind your monitor?

How long has dust been silently invading your office? Are your dust bunnies slowly evolving into dust kangaroos? Are the corners of your desk and the top of your shelf clean or does every surface feature a thick grey menace you can wipe with your finger?

Get a commercial cleaner to effortlessly ensure your whole team can enjoy a dust-free workspace. Minimising the amount of dust in the office not only looks better but will reduce the chance any of your employees get crippled by allergies and respiratory issues, helping your staff stay capable of excelling at their work.

4. Have the phones been cleaned?

Winter is over but all those germs linger. Does the handset feel like it has just come from a 5-year-old’s birthday party? When you pick it up and smell what could possibly be someone else’s breath from who knows how long ago, or something worse, doesn’t that make the very idea of taking vital business calls an immediate source of dread and disgust?

Phones in the office can be an all too easy location where cleaning can be overlooked. Get a hand from a cleaning expert to prevent your phones from becoming a tiny secret breeding ground of bacteria and other nasties. Why worry about remembering when you can rely on the expertise of those who know best?

5. How are your switches looking?

Light switches and power switches are touched and prodded and poked with fingers, elbows, and whatever is at hand, but how often do they get cleaned? Are those grubby finger marks still there from the last office drinks?

Because switches are touched so often, they can be some of the dirtiest surfaces in the office. When these spots are properly cleaned regularly with commercial-grade disinfectants, you’ll reduce the risk of spreading illnesses among your staff and your visitors.

6. What was that?

Did you catch a glimpse of that mystery critter scurrying by? It’s no secret that pests and bugs thrive in untidy environments. Cockroaches have a particular love for garbage that’s been carelessly left behind. Having vermin hanging out at your professional business isn’t exactly a great look to your clients at all.

Regular office cleaning by an experienced commercial cleaning company will ensure that your creepy crawlies have nowhere to live.

7. Do you remember what the carpet was meant to look like?

Are the carpet patterns playing hide-and-seek beneath a layer of mysterious stains? If the floor looks like an abstract art installation, but you didn’t sign up for that, it’s time for some cleaning magic.

With industrial-strength vacuums and specialised carpet cleaning solutions, a diligent commercial cleaning team can restore vibrancy to the most forlorn-looking office floor in a way normal equipment wouldn’t be able to.

8. Can you see out your windows?

Windows are the eyes of the soul/office. If your windows are dusty, neglected, and dirty what does it say about your business?

Let our office cleaners do the hard work for you. When they are cleaned, you’ll be able to see the scenery outside again and invite the sun back into the office with your newly sparkling windows.

9. Are your staff happy in your office?

If your team’s enthusiasm has done a disappearing act along with the cleanliness, it might be linked. Happy spaces breed happy faces, after all! A tidy and organized environment can work wonders for boosting morale and productivity, so investing in a good commercial cleaner can be like investing in a performance boost too.

10. Is your time valuable to you?

Focus on your strengths and leave the cleaning to the experts. By entrusting a reliable commercial cleaner with all your office cleaning, you can fully focus on running what’s important to you. Let them handle the cleaning and you’ll gain more time and confidence to ensure your business ventures succeed.

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