Why should you keep the back of your Melbourne retail business clean?

It’s important to make sure every part of your Melbourne retail store is clean with the help of a professional commercial cleaner

Last time we talked about how maintaining a clean store is key to attracting more new customers and running a successful Melbourne retail business. But the parts of the store where customers can’t see shouldn’t be ignored either. Maintaining a clean and safe work environment for your staff is just as important. A clean retail store also means more productive and happy staff; no one likes working in a dirty and messy environment.

Now that you know the importance of keeping the back of your Melbourne retail store clean and tidy, here’s a checklist to get you started with:

  • Stairways; while most people understand the importance of keeping their Melbourne retail stores clean and tidy, stairways are often neglected. A stairway with a lot of clutter can lead to unwanted accidents.
    • Pick up any litters
    • Dust and polish ledges, handrails, and fixtures
    • Sweep and mop or vacuum stairs and landings
  • Storerooms; your merchandise might get damaged if you don’t pay attention to the cleanliness of your storerooms.
    • Empty rubbish bins
    • Dust shelves, furniture, and fixtures
    • Clean air vents
    • Clean any windows
    • Clean door handles
    • Sweep and mop floors
  • Back office; a clean and tidy workplace increases productivity and employees satisfaction. Happier employees mean happier customers.
    • Empty rubbish bins
    • Clean all glass surfaces
    • Dust, wipe, and polish furnitures
    • Sanitise frequently touched items
    • Declutter and organise tables and desks
    • Mop hard floor surfaces
    • Vacuum carpet areas
  • Breakroom; most staff spend the majority of their time in the workplace, so it’s important to provide a clean and welcoming space for them to rest and take breaks.
    • Throw out expired foods from the fridge
    • Empty rubbish bins
    • Clean and sanitise countertops and sinks
    • Clean cupboards, drawers, and fridge
    • Clean microwaves
    • Clean door handles
    • Mop and sweep floors

While daily cleaning tasks can be done by staff members, it’s important to hire professional commercial cleaners to thoroughly clean the back of your store regularly.

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