Are you COVID Check ready?

As Victoria goes into serious lockdown and case numbers in New South Wales rise, the Australian Government is cracking down on businesses to prevent further COVID cases. New rules and regulations are in play for businesses to stay safe and remain open. Infoclean can help you navigate these changes.

Keeping employees safe with new rules

As new restrictions are rolled out and case numbers increase, keeping a clean Sydney office has never been more important. Both customers and employees are counting on employers to keep them safe.

The Australian and NSW State government have introduced new regulations for Sydney offices to operate safely. These range from maintaining distances between customers and employees to having strong, regular access to sanitisers within your office. Your business will even have to keep records of all staff who enter your premises. The full COVID Safe office plan can be found here.

Beyond rules and regulations, this pandemic is having a strong impact on workplace productivity. Employees are more fearful and less directed. This, above all, impacts your bottom line.

Thankfully, there are fixes your businesses can put in place to manage COVID-19 and the new regulations that’ve come with it. These will help prevent your business from becoming the next COVID-19 hotspot.

Clean your work and high traffic areas regularly

Every person in an office is a potential vector for transmission. This doesn’t mean work needs to stop, but it does mean extra care needs to be taken to ensure clients and employees remain safe.

Weekly scheduled cleans are a minimum in order to keep the viral infection from spreading. At infoclean we offer day-cleans, to target clean between shifts or during a lunch break, to help stop the spread. Clients have also requested we mini-clean—small cleans throughout the day that are visible to staff. These cleans boost productivity by helping employees feel safe.

Disinfect and sanitise areas which come into regular contact with hands

Hand contact areas are important points of transmission for the Coronavirus. COVID-19’s main entry into the body of its host is through accidental touching of the face after touching a compromised surface.

At infoclean, we focus on all touchpoints; desks, meeting rooms, switches, photocopiers, door handles, even the office microwave and fridge. Our sanitisation practices ensure the best chance of safety for your employees and business.

Ensure your cleaners are stocked with correct PPE

Unlike other trades, in cleaning, equipment matters. Infoclean meets and exceeds regulations. Our cleaners are armed with:

• Double-filter respiratory masks
• Disposable gloves
• Sealed goggles
• Hazguard suits
• P2 N95 Masks

Further, Infoclean is equipped with UVL foggers. These foggers mist pure alcohol throughout a room, cleaning the air and killing all viruses on any exposed surface in an office.

At Infoclean, we keep your workplace safe with our expert staff going to government guidelines and beyond. We conduct stringent record keeping and are armed with state of the art cleaning equipment. Our services have been featured in the Daily Telegraph, where we’ve been described as efficient, reliable and professional. Contact us today and let us help you ensure the health, safety and peace of mind of your clients and team.

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