Boost productivity with a clean, safe office

Keeping the office space clean during these troubling times does more than ensure safety for your clients and employees. It helps your employees feel safe. This improves workplace productivity and can ensure your business’s quick recovery during this trying time. If you need help delivering peace of mind, contact Infoclean today.

Guaranteeing employee satisfaction

As Sydney offices get back into work, a regular, scheduled clean has never been more important. And with all the uncertainty up in the air, savvy businesses want to know how they can reengage their workforce and protect their staff.

We’ve talked before on how a cleaner office supports workplace productivity. But did you know feelings of safety and security within your Sydney office boost productivity too? Given this uncertain time, employees need reassurance that they’re safe at work, and that employers are using the best services available to them to ensure employee safety.

The solution? Effective, visible cleaning. Assuming your cleaner is Coronavirus competent and able to manage viral infection risk in the workplace, actual workplace infection risk is low. In this situation, cleaning practices need to be visibly shown to employees to increase peace of mind.

At Infoclean, we’re able to provide regular mini cleans on top of our standard, scheduled Coronavirus cleans. A mini clean occurs during the day and involves refreshing kitchens, running dishwashers, replenishing bathrooms, as well as disinfecting meeting rooms, door handles, stationary areas, reception counters, waiting areas and lifts. This occurs in full view of employees and reminds them they are safe in the office. It’s a quick peace of mind service at a low cost.

Many of our clients are adding this mini clean service to boost employee productivity. Employers have found it encourages employees to work from the office instead of home and spend more hours in the office. These work hours are also more productive.

Infoclean’s Coronavirus capabilities

Infoclean has strong Coronavirus cleaning capabilities. We have been cleaning offices and businesses in Sydney for over ten years and have been described by the Daily Telegraph as efficient, reliable and professional. Unlike other commercial cleaning services, we have dedicated Coronavirus cleaners armed with Hazguard suits, double-filter respiratory masks, sealed goggles and gloves. These cleaners are able to handle any kind of prevention cleaning or Coronavirus containment situation.

Ultimately, employers need to be able to give their staff peace of mind. Employers want the very best in equipment and staff trained in COVID-19 cleaning procedures. At Infoclean, we provide both. We focus on all touchpoints; desks, meeting rooms, switches, photocopiers, door handles, even the office microwave and fridge.

Infoclean is also equipped with UVL foggers. A UVL fogger mists pure alcohol throughout a room, cleaning the air and killing all viruses on any exposed surface in an office. This ensures safety for your office team.

As businesses resume operations, employee satisfaction and productivity is a must to help get offices back on track. Infoclean is here to keep you and your employees feel and be safe. Contact us today to schedule a cleaning and boost employee morale.

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