The ‘How to’ of decluttering

We all know how satisfying it can be to organise the perfect workspace and get rid of unnecessary junk.

There are real benefits, not only for yourself, but for your employees to engage in this practice. Not only does it help ensure your Sydney office is clean and work ready, it even helps us clean your Sydney office better.

Decluttering reduces stress

This might seem like an obvious point, but it’s important enough to be restated: Decluttering reduces stress. It allows you to concentrate better by reducing office noise and clutter that undoubtedly takes up some valuable headspace. It has been shown that, just like a clean sydney office, a clean desk boosts productivity and reduces anxiety.

Here are a couple of practical things you can do to ensure your next decluttering session is more effective:

Take stock

Remove all items that are not tied down (and some that are) and take stock with what you keep on your desk. Empty all your drawers and clear out all the cords and crumbs that have been left in the corner since last November.

Take stock of your office possessions/ appliances and consider putting elsewhere (or binning) what you don’t consistently use every week. Do you really need a notepad, sticky notes and a diary? Two, one or perhaps even none might be the right number for you.

Buy Supplies

Now that you have taken stock of you office items (and encouraged your employees to do the same). Consider what’s missing that’s necessary for optimal workspace function.

Does the office need a better way of taking notes than a loose leaf paper or a pile of sticky notes? Is there a small bin for every employee to throw their rubbish out? Is your team in dire need of some pencil holders? Find out what’s missing in keeping your space organised and find a way to bridge that gap.

Organise your workspace to boost workflow

It’s time to re-place the items you’ve deemed necessary back to your desk. Keep your most used items easy to access. This means if your desk has drawers your most used items go into the top most shelf on the side of your dominant hand, and other items get shuffled down in order of importance.

This simple act will boost your and your employees workflow tremendously. Instead of rifling through drawers or moving thing out of the way, you’ll have what you need on hand at every moment of the day.

Decluttering helps cleaners

Even the best office cleaner in Sydney couldn’t do their best work with clutter in their way. A cleaner may need to move items—costing valuable employee time in moving things back to where they belong. Let your office know when cleaners come, so their desk can be organised and ready for an efficient and effective clean.

Leave the rest to us

A desk is you domain, but when it comes to the big stuff: the floors, walls, and tabletops- you might need a hand. At infoclean, cleaning is our passion and we pride ourselves in delivering the best clean possible, no matter the office size or location. Try us, and you’ll wish you had us sooner.

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