Is your Sydney office ready for the silly season?

Yes it is that time of the year. Summer is on it’s way, the Christmas and New Year holidays are fast approaching, everyone is thinking about a break and now is a good time to think about what your office cleaning needs will be over the coming December January period.

The office end of year/ Christmas party cleaning

Taking staff out and about for an end of year/ Christmas party is a great idea. People are generally more relaxed when they are out of the office and it gives the staff an opportunity to socialise in a different environment. It also means less cleaning to do at the office!

Even if the staff do head out for party elsewhere we generally suggest a good end of year clean. It is a great opportunity to get rid of the excess clutter that has built up over the year, reorganise and then get the place cleaned top to bottom in preparation for the year ahead. If you don’t make a conscious effort to do this, and encourage the staff to do the same the office can feel tired when you return in the new year.

Conversely a lot of end of year events are held at the office, it is a familiar environment but gives staff  a chance to let their hair down, and give them a bit more ownership of the space. If you are having an event at the office, make sure it is in a separate space and if it is likely to flow into the working areas ensure the desks are clean and tidy.

Cleaning up can be streamlined by using a few of these hand hints.

  • Have adequate rubbish bins dotted around the space
  • Use disposable ( and environmentally friendly) cups and plates
  • If you would like to use plates pay for someone to wash up/cleanup
  • If possible encourage all the staff to do a quick clean up before leaving
  • Bag all the rubbish and remove it before you leave

These  simple tips will make the clean up easier. If you are having an office party in-house we would suggest you complete a thorough end of year clean including floors and carpets. A mess after an office party is never nice to come back to in the new year.

Office cleaning schedule for Christmas and New Year period

A lot of workplaces shut down for a period of a few weeks over the holiday period so it is good to consider whether you will need your cleaning schedule changed for this period. If you get your Sydney office cleaned every week perhaps you could perform one last very deep clean for the year and pause the periodic cleaning for a few weeks. Or maybe it may be advantageous to have a cleaner in your Sydney office over the period as they can spend time on other areas that they may not normally have time to address.

Reviewing your Sydney office cleaning schedule for 2019

End of year is a great time to review how your office cleaning for the year has been going. Firsty are you happy with your current cleaners? A simple test is how the office feels when you walk in Monday after it is has been cleaned on the weekend. Does it feel fresh and clean? Does it present as a pleasant environment to work in? If the answer is no, then maybe you should look at approaching some new office cleaners for a quote.

If you haven’t organised an end of year clean perhaps you should organise a thorough clean of the office before coming back to work, start the year off with a great fresh feel to the workspace. It might be time to review the regularity of your office cleaning. Does it need to occur more often? Less often? Should you schedule periodic carpet cleans?

We are always here to help if you need a quote on a new office cleaner, or you would like a special clean at any time.


We wish all our clients, friends and family a happy and safe holiday period


The team at Infoclean!

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