Professional carpet cleaning and why it is so important

It may surprise you to know that the carpets in our homes and offices are one of the single most neglected touchpoints when it comes to cleaning. Excluding occasions where professional carpet cleaning is mandatory, like end-of-lease, when was the last time you hired a professional carpet cleaning service?

You don’t remember? Or you do, and the answer is never or not often?

After a meal, and even sometimes before, we wash our dishes. We wear our clothing once and then wash them. And generally, we wash ourselves once, sometimes twice a day. Why should the carpets in our homes and workplaces be so different?

Carpets can get quite dirty without proper maintenance

The carpet is a continuous exposure site to all means of nasties. We walk back and forth over them, both with shoes and in bare feet. Imagine what your shoes may have come into contact with when you took the dog out this morning. And while we’re on the topic of pets, let’s factor in that the carpet is one of their favourite places to lay—especially for a rest after they’ve rolled around in the park on the not-so-pristinely clean grass.

The carpet is absorbent. Regardless of the scenario, be it home or office, if you don’t have regular professional carpet cleaning, your carpet becomes a massive sponge that continues to soak up from the environment around it.

All sorts of different elements are absorbed by your carpet. From the things we expect, like dust and dirt, to other less thought-of elements, such as residues from cooking, like grease and oils. But one of the most common and least considered are the millions of dead skin cells that we as humans shed daily.

Professional carpet cleaning isn’t just a luxury

You might answer that you do a great job cleaning the carpet yourself with regular twice-weekly vacuums, and they do help, but they will only remove the dirt from the surface of the carpet. This means that none of the foreign objects that have either soaked into or become caught in the fibres are caught and removed.

Over time, these elements continue to build up, and while you might not be able to see them individually, quite often, you will begin to smell them. The collection of dirt and grime that builds up in your carpet may begin to create odours. Remember, it’s not your carpet that smells; it’s everything that has become trapped in it. Removing odours should better be viewed as preventing odours in the first place, a huge benefit from using a professional carpet cleaning service on a more frequent basis.

While there are so many more reasons why you should consider professional carpet cleaning regularly, the final one that we would like to bring to your attention is the overall appearance and life of your carpet.

Carpet that has not been professionally cleaned ages far more quickly than those that have. When dust, allergens and other unclean matters collect in your carpet, they get stuck to the fibres, and this often results in the fibres becoming matted or split, deteriorating the carpet and shortening its life.

There is also the matter of carpet. A professional carpet cleaning service has the expertise and know-how, together with the correct equipment and products to make short work of what could otherwise take hours of hand scrubbing. Even then, with considerable time investment, it is quite likely that faint traces of stains can remain.

Everyone wants to show off a lovely clean home, but let’s think about the appearance of carpets in offices and business situations. Don’t let your clients, suppliers or even staff for that matter, come into a workspace that looks and is dirty. Ensure you have a professional carpet cleaning service attend the office and give your carpets a good going over. A clean and tidy workspace goes a long way to presenting a successful, organised business.

Infoclean’s professional carpet cleaning service

When you work with Infoclean as your professional carpet cleaning contractor, a carpet cleaning technician will attend to your home or office and recommend the best carpet cleaning method, depending on the style of your carpet, the amount of dirt it holds and the result you wish to achieve.

Finally, you may ask how often you should have your carpet cleaned. When it comes to schedules for professional carpet cleaning, there is no one-size-fits-all and you need to consider various factors:

Biannual professional carpet cleaning (6 months)

Best suited to families, particularly with children. Homes with pets also fall into the same category. And if you have an open fireplace or a smoker who lives within the residence, then this is the right category for you too.

In workplaces, businesses that have a lot of inbound and outbound traffic, like external consultants, large travelling sales teams, or many visiting clients/ suppliers, should clean more frequently. CBD-based businesses should also consider more regular professional carpet cleaning to combat the additional pollution from the surrounding environment.

Annual professional carpet cleaning (12 months)

For smaller families or three people or less, families without any children or pets, couples and senior citizens can consider a little longer when planning out your professional carpet cleaning schedule.

From a business perspective, if you are a small team of 3 – 5 colleagues and don’t have many external visitors to your office, then you can also consider a longer period between professional carpet cleaning services.

So now you know how important carpet cleaning is!

In conclusion, we’re going to leave you with a list of the greatest benefits you’ll receive from employing a professional carpet cleaning service like Infoclean:

  • Removes germs and bacteria more comprehensively
  • Extends the life of your carpets
  • Removes stubborn and unsightly stains
  • Eliminates odours to keep rooms smelling fresh
  • Saves your own precious time and effort
  • Removes the need to purchase expensive equipment
  • Contributes to an overall healthier living or work environment

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