Office days are coming back

The beginning of this month has shown a return of businesses back in premises as restrictions begin to ease. To coincide with this, Infoclean was recently featured in the Daily Telegraph. We help businesses ensure their premises does not become the next viral hotspot. If you’re ready to get back to work, you can get an obligation free quote with Infoclean today.

Providing exceptional cleaning service

As Sydney comes back to life and gets back into work, there has never been a more important time to ensure cleanliness in the office. Businesses are looking at how they can protect their staff and get their office back into gear.

Infoclean has been cleaning offices and businesses in Sydney for over ten years. Our service has been described by the Telegraph as efficient, reliable and professional. We have dedicated Coronavirus cleaners armed with Hazguard suits, double-filter respiratory masks, sealed goggles and gloves. These cleaners are able to handle any kind of prevention or containment situation.

It has never been more essential to ensure a clean office and thoroughly safe working environment. No business wants to be ground zero for the next Coronavirus outbreak. Coffee machine, toasters, kettles, fridges need to be cleaned and disinfected. Desk drawers, phones, monitors, keyboards and handsets as well. Everything your fingers can touch needs to be wiped down and disinfected in preparation for a back to work Sydney.

Delivering peace of mind

Ultimately, employers need to be able to give their staff peace of mind. Employers want the very best in equipment and staff trained in COVID-19 cleaning procedures. At Infoclean, we provide both. Anyone returning to an office in Sydney will want to know they’re returning to a clean space that has been well and truly disinfected. Infoclean focuses on all touchpoints; desks, meeting rooms, switches, photocopiers, door handles, even the office microwave and fridge. Care and special attention needs to be given to anything that comes into contact with employees’ or customers’ hands.

In response to this increased concern, we’ve armed ourselves with hospital grade disinfectant and UVL foggers. A UVL fogger mists pure alcohol throughout a room, cleaning the air and killing all viruses on any exposed surface in an office space. Nothing escapes and safety is ensured.

We also steam clean carpets, rugs, chairs, couches. Further, we disinfect high traffic areas like doorknobs and elevator buttons. Unlike other cleaners that may just run a vacuum cleaner around, we ensure your safety by doing a proper, deep and thorough job.

Infoclean sanitises high traffic areas as part of our regular clean. Plus, you can be assured that staff have been trained by a team leader qualified in infection control and sanitisation. At Infoclean, we want all of our clients to rest equally assured; whether they have a daily touchpoint clean, a full disinfecting precautionary clean or a pandemic clean (for workplaces which have a confirmed case of Coronavirus).

Keeping your office safe and clean

As we return to a new-normal amidst the pandemic, it’s vital we take an active role in ensuring our business don’t become hotspots for the virus to spread. Infoclean is here to keep your clients, employees and families safe. Contact us today to arrange a back to work sanitisation cleaning or, if you’ve had an active case in your business, a deeper pandemic clean. We clean regularly to ensure your business and customers remain safe throughout this pandemic.

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