The most common office cleaning mistakes

Office cleaning may sound like a simple task. However, when cleaners aren’t trained properly, some of the things they are doing might negatively affect your workspace. The next time your Sydney office is cleaned, here are some things to check for, or ask about.

Office cleaning at the wrong time

Do your Sydney  office cleaning staff appear when your employees are still there? The productivity of your company may be interrupted when workers are distracted by vacuuming noise or when they have to move around to let the Sydney office cleaners clean.

Cleaning while workers are still present can also reduce the quality of a clean, as people working at the desks can become an obstruction. If your employees work late often it may be a good idea to discuss with your office cleaners and arrange the most suitable time for them to arrive.

Using too much cleaning product

Applying more of cleaning agent does not mean a spot will become even cleaner; in fact this could produce an inferior result by causing a buildup of cleaning residue over the surface. What’s more, too many lingering chemicals can cause health issues.

Cleaning only visible surfaces

Cleaning only the visible parts of your Sydney office may look nice enough for some people. However, this does not solve the problem of germs and other debris building up in unseen spots. If your Sydney office cleaners are cleaning this way, your staff will soon be exposed to increased risk of illness and distracting smells.

Cleaning windows when it’s sunny

It’s tempting to clean the windows when the bright sun is illuminating the dirt all over it. Because the sun dries cleaning chemicals too quickly, streaks may appear all over the glass and leave you with office windows that look just as disappointing as before they were cleaned. It’s better to clean windows in the late afternoon or evening, and when temperature is below 21°C.

Scrubbing carpet stains

Excessive scrubbing can drive a stain deeper into the carpet. If the cloth used to scrub the stain was wet, it can spread the stain too. Instead of scrubbing every time to remove stains, we recommend blotting with dry paper towel or cloth, then treating the spot with stain remover. You might want to test the stain remover on a less noticeable corner of carpet first to ensure it will not discolour the carpet.


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