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As Sydney slowly returns to a new-normal, businesses are now looking at how they can protect their staff and get their office back in gear. Luckily, Infoclean is here with state-of-the-art equipment and expert staff trained in COVID-19 cleaning procedures. If you’re ready to get back to work, get an obligation free quote with Infoclean today.

Keeping clients and employees safe in the new normal

As we come out of quarantine, businesses now need to turn their attention to cleaning to protect their clients and employees and preparing the office for their return.

With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic still weighing heavily on the minds of all business owners, employees, and clients across Australia, your Sydney office requires extra protections and precautions during this ongoing pandemic. Not to mention, a great clean.

Infoclean is able to keep your workplace safe with our expert staff going to government guidelines and beyond. And with our with state of the art cleaning equipment, Infoclean is able to ensure the health, safety and peace of mind of your clients and team.

We’re using the environmental cleaning and disinfection principles established by the Australian government for COVID-19.

We are the best cleaners Sydney can offer

Infoclean is the best choice for professional office cleaning coming out of lockdown. We’re able to deep clean your office to feel fresh as well as disinfect all key areas such as desks, meeting rooms, switches, photocopiers, receptions, door handles and more.

We are armed with hospital grade disinfectant foggers. These are machines that mist pure alcohol throughout a room, killing all viruses in the air and on any exposed surface in your Sydney office.

We steam clean carpets, rugs, chairs and couches as well as window clean, to ensure your office is not only safe, but beautiful. At this time of year, it’s important to let the gorgeous winter sun in, to keep you and your employees happy and healthy.

On top of our standard, detailed cleaning, we sanitise high traffic areas as part of our regular clean. All locations have cleaners inducted by a team leader specialised in sanitisation.

So, you can rest assured whether you need a daily touchpoint high traffic area clean; a full disinfecting precautionary clean; or a pandemic clean (for those workplaces who have a confirmed case of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Obligation-free Coronavirus cleaning quote

As we return to a new-normal amidst the pandemic, it’s vital we take an active role in ensuring our business don’t become hotspots for the virus to spread. Infoclean is here to keep your clients, employees and families safe. Contact us today to arrange a back to work sanitisation cleaning or, if you’ve had an active case in your business, a deeper pandemic clean. We’re also happy to set an outbreak plan for your workplace.

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