10 signs you should break up with your Sydney office cleaner

It all started off so well, but lately the attention to detail starts to go, bins are left full, once sparkling desks only get a cursory wipe now. If your relationship with your cleaner is going the wrong way maybe it is time to break up with them?

But how do you come to that decision?

You have had a great relationship that started off so well, but lately it has been feeling a bit forced. What should you be looking for?

  1. Remember when you used to walk into the office on a Monday and it was sparkling clean? It made the week ahead bearable, now it just feels like it did on Friday.
  2. Is that the same bit of fluff on the carpet? You walk in after the office has been cleaned and you notice that same bit of fluff. Did they vacuum? Could it possibly have just been missed?
  3. Hand prints on the door. Yup the same ones are there since you left.
  4. Dust… it just seems to be accumulating rather than disappearing!
  5. Your desk just isn’t as clean as it used to be on a Monday.
  6. You feel like your cleaner is putting more effort into someone else’s office.
  7. Not all the bins have been emptied.
  8. The chairs are not put back in the same position.
  9. There just isn’t that clean smell when you walk in anymore.
  10. The spark seems to have gone from your relationship.

All jokes aside, some of the above are relevant. You start out all good with a great job done by your office cleaner, but then maybe the contractor changes, or care seems to go out the window and you are left feeling flat.

Breaking up with a cleaner is never easy

If you do have issues the first thing to do it to point them out, ask them if they have any problems, try and work out how can you both get back to that happy place when they first started to clean.

Everyone deserves a sparkling clean Sydney office when they get to work on a Monday, but sometimes things just don’t work out.

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