Things you need to consider when moving your Sydney office

Every Sydney office is different, with different staff levels and different needs depending on the business you are in. One thing we have learnt through our years of Sydney office cleaning and assisting clients with end of lease and bump in cleans is that you need a plan.

Moving can be incredibly stressful and the best way to lower the stress is to make a plan. Get a team together and have a round table on what you need to do and all the eventualities that may occur, plan for problems rather than assume they won’t happen.

Things you absolutely need to consider

  • Moving your phone lines
  • Making sure the internet is connected
  • Updating all your contact details across Google Maps and other providers
  • Getting the power on and having a final read
  • Downsizing and getting rid of clutter you may have accumulated
  • Can you scan documents and not have to move a load of paper?
  • Do you have secure document destruction for anything being thrown away?
  • Have you created a plan of your new office?
  • Will everything fit?
  • What day are you moving? How does it fit in with your busy periods?
  • Have you selected a mover? Have you used them before?
  • Do you need to clean your old Sydney office?
  • Have you inspected your new Sydney office to make sure it is clean?
  • Have you informed your office cleaners that you are moving?
  • Have you done a cleaning inspection and list on your new office?

The longer the list the more confident you can be that you have covered all bases. Break jobs into sections and put together a team who have specific responsibilities.

Moving out of an office requires just as much thought as to what you leave behind as does moving into a new office. In many cases it is easier to have two teams, one managing the move out, the other the move in.

Getting the staff on board and keeping them updated will always lead to a smoother transition. We all get attached to certain desks, chairs, computer screens, and all manner of office equipment. In some cases getting staff to label their work equipment will allow them to use the same at the other end, making their transition to new premises much easier.

It is also probably very wise to create a seating plan and get a buy in from all staff before the move. It means the move and transition will be way smoother and inclusions leads to a more harmonious work environment.

To ensure you receive your bond back on your previous office ensure that you arrange final clean for your Sydney office, and have your agent, or landlord inspect it and sign it off so you can walk out and move into your new office without the worry.

Moves can be messy and office equipment can attract unwanted marks and we always suggest to have a complete office clean doen as soon as you move in. Of course inspect the new Sydney office before you move to make sure it is thoroughly clean. If it is not, take photos and let your landlord know you are on a timeline and get it organised.

We are always here to assist with your office cleaning in Sydney. We can assist with an end of lease office clean, or a new office bump in clean.

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