The importance of deep cleaning your office

It is important to deep clean your office regularly. Think your office space is clean? Think again. Germs and bacteria can lurk in the most unexpected places. According to a study conducted by Dr. Charles Gerba of University of Arizona and his team, a regular office desk can have up to 10 million bacteria. That’s 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat!

It’s important to keep your office clean and sanitised, not just because of COVID but on a regular basis. Periodically deep cleaning your office space prevents the spread of germs, bacteria and diseases. It is key to maintaining a hygienic and safe work environment for you and your staff.

What is deep cleaning?

There’s no one common definition of what ‘deep cleaning’ is; however, there are some commonalities across different methods. A deep clean is usually done overnight or on the weekends as it’s more disruptive than regular cleaning and often requires the help of professional cleaners with special tools. During deep cleaning, our professional cleaners will use disinfectant and other chemicals to remove any traces of germs and bacteria. Wiping down every nook and cranny in the office space.

How often does your office need to be deep cleaned?

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to how often you need to deep clean your office.

A larger office typically needs to be cleaned more often than smaller ones. Office furniture and fixtures play a role as well. Carpeting will hold more dirt, dust and germs than tiled or hardwood flooring. A space filled with constant motion of staff and customers will need to be deep cleaned more regularly. It is recommended that the average workspace be deep cleaned at least twice a year.

“We are really happy with the cleaning services provided by Infoclean. Our office is a lot cleaner and tidier than it has ever been. We have never had such a positive cleaning team around the office. We would absolutely recommend their cleaning services to our customers.”

John – JTM Cargo Management

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