It’s more important than ever to have a professionally cleaned office

A professionally cleaned office

We’re all learning to live with COVID-19, and it is more important than ever to have a professionally cleaned office or business to keep your staff safe, and help stop the spread. Most restrictions have now lifted and many have now returned to offices and businesses across Sydney and Melbourne. If you don’t already have […]

Get back to work with a professionally cleaned Sydney office

meeting in a professionally cleaned Sydney office

Finally! Sydney is open for business again. As the lockdown lifts, you and your employees will begin making their way back to the office. Whether you are in your office full time, or are working more flexibly nowadays, there’s never been a better reason to have a professionally cleaned office to keep everyone safe and […]

Professional COVID-19 deep clean specialists in Sydney

The COVID-19 lockdown unfortunately drags on across Sydney and surrounding areas. This impacts businesses of all shapes and sizes, in many different ways. Infoclean is available and ready with trained staff to help deep clean any commercial premises. Whether your business becomes a COVID-19 contact location, or whether you are looking to regularly clean your […]

COVID-19 commercial cleaning services across Sydney

Commercially cleaned office space

As COVID-19 affects more businesses and livelihoods, you want the best protection available to keep your business running and your clients and employees safe. We’ve worked with scientists and manufacturers to bring you the best products on offer that deliver better, more practical protection. At Infoclean, we now use a hospital grade surface disinfectant that […]

Are you COVID Check ready?

Commercially cleaned meeting space

As Victoria goes into serious lockdown and case numbers in New South Wales rise, the Australian Government is cracking down on businesses to prevent further COVID cases. New rules and regulations are in play for businesses to stay safe and remain open. Infoclean can help you navigate these changes. Keeping employees safe with new rules […]

Professional COVID-19 cleaning services

Commercial cleaning for bathrooms

As the outbreak affects more businesses and livelihoods, Infoclean is ready with expert staff trained in COVID-19 cleaning procedures and state of the art equipment. If you’re worried about Coronavirus, get an obligation free quote with Infoclean today. The Sydney office Coronavirus cleaning experts The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is weighing heavily on the minds of […]

Staying safe during this Coronavirus emergency

Commercial deep cleaning

Fears are rising as Coronavirus continues to spread. We can help mitigate the spread of the virus, and keep our employees and families safe, by taking an active role in setting safeguards within our workplaces and communities. Infoclean is here to help. What is Coronavirus? Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a respiratory illness caused by a new […]

Coronavirus in Sydney

Commercial deep cleaning

A message from Infoclean, There’s been a breakout of a new virus called the Coronavirus. The rates in Australia are rising daily with the majority of cases appearing in Sydney. Considering the mortality and spreadability rates of this disease, it is vital we do our bit to help prevent the virus’ spread throughout our communities. […]