10 signs you should invest in commercial cleaning

Signs you should invest in commercial cleaning

Keeping your workspace clean is one of those things we all intend to do. To start with, you do it yourself, then you get some more staff and try to make sure they tidy up after themselves… Has this been working out for you, or does your workplace look more like you just stepped into […]

5 dirty secrets your carpet is hiding from you

Commercial carpet cleaning equipment

Carpets have long been an attractive flooring option for the home and office. But it’s often that space is not maintained properly with professional carpet cleaning. In these cases, unwanted debris can build up in them over time, affecting indoor air quality and becoming a health risk to you and your visitors. Here are 5 […]

Professional carpet cleaning and why it is so important

Professional Carpet Cleaning

It may surprise you to know that the carpets in our homes and offices are one of the single most neglected touchpoints when it comes to cleaning. Excluding occasions where professional carpet cleaning is mandatory, like end-of-lease, when was the last time you hired a professional carpet cleaning service? You don’t remember? Or you do, […]