Risks when cleaning your own Sydney office

We all understand the benefits of having regular office cleaning. Employees have a better environment to interact with, and everyone generally stays healthy and happy.

Having you or your staff clean the office may seem like a good idea, or even employing a full time cleaner, but have you ever thought about the risks?

Injuries and risks associated cleaning your office

There are real risks that your business takes on when you have employees assigned to cleaning duties or have full time cleaners. Falls on slippery and wet surfaces account for a large amount of injuries for cleaners. They spend a lot more time twisting and turning, lifting, reaching, and general physical labour.

The risk is not only to your employees but having a great Sydney commercial cleaner do the job for you ensures that liability would probably be transferred to them in the event of a mishap.

A professional cleaning company will ensure that there is correct signage in place whilst cleaning and that all safety measures and procedures are followed. Imagine what would happen if you had an employee mopping a floor and a visitor slipped on it?

We always use products that are safe for your employees and friendly to the environment but you do need to wear specialist clothing and be aware of how cleaning products work. Having your employees use these products can lead to accidents.

Let’s face it, employees hate to be asked to clean up after themselves and being asked to help clean the office is never ideal. Any injury sustained whilst cleaning will lead to workers compensation and unless cleaning is specifically part of their duties you may have other issues arise as well.

We love cleaning your Sydney office

We are fully insured and take care of OH&S, and if there are any accidents on the job our workers are covered by our workers compensation. We train our employees so they work efficiently, and more importantly safely. By employing our professional office cleaning services you don’t have to worry about insurance, accidents, cleaning products, or unhappy staff.

You should let you employees do what they are good at and leave the cleaning of your office to us.

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