Get back to work with a professionally cleaned Sydney office

Finally! Sydney is open for business again. As the lockdown lifts, you and your employees will begin making their way back to the office. Whether you are in your office full time, or are working more flexibly nowadays, there’s never been a better reason to have a professionally cleaned office to keep everyone safe and healthy.

End the year on a high

As we emerge from lockdown, it’s time to start spending more time back in the office. This includes meeting with clients face-to-face. Having a sparkling clean Sydney office is paramount to building confidence with clients and staff. A potential client may decide on whether they will work with you, based on the presentation of your office space.

Keep your employees healthy

Healthy, happy employees do better work. Inviting them into a freshly clean office improves morale and productivity. If you don’t already have a professional office cleaner, now is the perfect time to look at setting up a regular cleaning regime with InfoClean.

Don’t have an office?

Do you work on a construction site? Common areas still need to be cleaned regularly. At InfoClean, we can take care of your building and construction site cleaning as well. If you regularly move between contracts and sites, we are more than happy to be engaged on a long-term basis.

Retail and public area cleaning services

We also can assist in cleaning your shopfront, medical centre, or financial institution. Any retail or customer-facing space needs additional cleaning to remain COVID Safe. Our professional team of cleaners use the highest quality cleaning products to ensure you and your customers are safe. We are able to clean almost any space.

Professional COVID-19 deep cleaning Sydney

We are also equipped with a specially trained COVID-19 cleaning team that is ready to deep clean your office space, should your business require it. We can supply certification once complete and can cater to all types of businesses. Find out more about our COVID-19 deep cleaning here.

We’ll make it easy

Hiring a professional to clean your Sydney office is a great way to ensure your employees have an environment that encourages productivity and welcomes back everyone in style. Enjoy a healthy and clean Sydney office.

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