What you need to tell your Sydney office cleaner

Hiring a professional to clean your Sydney office is a great step to ensure your employees have an inviting environment to work in. An experienced office cleaner can discuss your needs and make suggestions as to what should be done to keep your office neat and tidy but you may have particular needs that you need to ensure are covered.

How often should your office be cleaned?

Frequency of office cleaning can be determined by a number of factors. It may depend on the type of office, a shared office space may need more frequent cleans, whereas an office with little staff turnover and regular work patterns may only require a once a week clean. Some office areas may need cleaning more than once a week. For instance  if you have a big office with a communal kitchen it may need more than just once a week.

Exactly what should be cleaned

Be very specific about what you want or need cleaned in your office. Employing a cleaner is only part of the process, you should discuss with your employees how they need to leave their desks, and what should be cleaned. Do you want the desks wiped down? The bases of chairs? Do the cleaners wipe down monitors? Or do they not touch computers at all? Do you have windows that need to be cleaned? How should the rubbish be dealt with?

Ensure that you and you cleaner have a thorough understanding of what is to cleaned so that both parties are happy.

The Environment

Most cleaners are very aware of how their cleaning products affect the environment as a whole and how they affect your office environment. Ask your cleaner what products they use and what their environmental policies are. Ensure that you also discuss recycling and disposal policies

What to do if you are not happy with your cleaning

From time to time their may be some miscommunication about what is to be cleaned, and how it is to be cleaned. Cleaners are professionals and if there is ever and issue with your service, or you require more services don’t hesitate to discuss it with your cleaner. A good cleaner will always go the extra mile and ensure you are always happy.

Don’t forget to communicate with your staff

Cleaning your office is made so much easier if your staff understand how they should leave their desks. Some staff may even prefer to clean their own desks and not have anything disturbed. Open and honest communication from you to your staff and to your cleaner will ensure that your office is well cleaned and will provide an environment that will keep you staff happy.

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