Keeping a modern Sydney office clean

Not all Sydney offices are created equal, they all have different needs that are dependent on the style of office and the nature of the way your staff work. Modern Sydney office cleaning presents challenges that were not present even 10 years ago.

Hot desking

Hot desking is a relatively new innovation where employees share desks and move around the office never working from the same space consistently. Keeping this type of office clean is even more important than normal.

Hot desking not only encourages sharing of office assets but it can and does promote sharing of germs. One employee who has a bug and is still contagious and who hops from desk to desk can quite easily spread the bug until the whole office is infected. Sharing indeed!

In general we find that Sydney offices with a hot desking/sharing environment need more scheduled cleans. It ensure that the spaces are kept neat and tidy and that the spread of germs are kept at bay.

One advantage we do see with hot desking is that there is less “nesting”. Employee clutter is minimized and nesting presents its own problems.

Employee expression

Many modern Sydney office encourage employees to express themselves and this does take the form of employees creating their own little space at their desk. We call it nesting. Expression gives employees a sense of ownership and security but it can lead to problems with cleaning.

Some employees have a photo of the family and maybe a memento from a trip, whereas some tend to create entire little worlds cluttered with familiar items. The latter is a real problem to clean. When we clean Sydney offices we are always careful to clean around employee’s objects and replace them as we found them. The employee who goes a bit further and has an entire little world make our job a lot harder.

If there is too much clutter it is very difficult to clean effectively and ensure that the environment presents as a safe workplace. Leaders need to find a balance when it comes to employee expression and understand how to much expression can affect the total work environment.

Modern surfaces

One area that has improved over the years are most modern surfaces. The emphasis on a modern Sydney office is on clean lines and smooth surfaces which allows cleaner to do a thorough job with difficult nooks and crannies to clean.

Modern commercial carpet always takes into account how it will wear, and clean, and although you may have it vacuumed often it is wise to have to steam cleaned every year. Always be aware of floor surfaces. Tiles are great, carpet the standard but there are some architects out there who have ideas that make cleaning tricky.

We have seen some offices within an internal pebble finish on the floors. Dirt and grime get continually trapped in the multitude of crevices and it is very difficult and requires a lot of attention to keep clean.

Louvres are great for providing filtered sunlight, but they can be very time consuming to clean. All these issues can lead to a more expensive cleaning bill or a less clean office.

If you are looking at new premises and have a Sydney office cleaner then ask them before you sign the lease to have a look around and see if they can identify any potential issues. A pre lease inspection by your cleaner may save you a lot of time and heartache.

We are always happy to provide you with a pre-lease cleaning quote, or give our opinion on any areas that may be difficult. We have been cleaning Sydney Offices for over 10 years and have just about seen it all.

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