How to get the most out of your Sydney office cleaner

What if you could make your office even cleaner than it is now? By following a few tips, you can help your professional Sydney office cleaner focus on what needs the most attention and get the job done even more efficiently.

Communicate with your cleaner

Don’t forget to tell you cleaner what you expect from them and provide them with detailed instructions for any areas that need special treatment. The best way to resolve anything you are not satisfied with is to talk to them as soon as possible, so they can change the way they clean.

Tidy the office beforehand

You could have the best office cleaner in the world, but they will not be able to do their best job if a lot of clutter is in their way. If the cleaner has to move stacks of paper out of the way to clean, they will waste time rearranging the desk and when your staff return they may waste work time as well moving everything back into order. Let your office know when the cleaner will come in, so that everyone can tidy their desks in preparation for the cleaning.

Tell your cleaner about special events

If there is a special event in your office that is different to your normal schedule, it’s best to tell your cleaner about it so they can be prepared. Apart from the obvious debris such as food or decorations, events can also bring a lot of dirt into the floor because of the large number of people in the room. Let them know before they come in so that they can bring the right equipment to deal with the extra mess.

Choose the best time for your clean

Is it normal for your office to have an especially busy day each week? Perhaps most of your clients come to your office on Thursdays. You can schedule your cleaner to come on the day before, so that the office looks its very best during your peak customer time.

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