COVID-19 commercial cleaning services across Sydney

As COVID-19 affects more businesses and livelihoods, you want the best protection available to keep your business running and your clients and employees safe. We’ve worked with scientists and manufacturers to bring you the best products on offer that deliver better, more practical protection. At Infoclean, we now use a hospital grade surface disinfectant that stays active for 28 days—keeping you protected for longer.

28 day protection

As Australia faces its second wave of Coronavirus, we’ve worked with scientists and manufacturers to bring a better cleaning solution to the Australian market.

And we’ve found something truly great.

At Infoclean, our new surface disinfectant is hospital grade, and stays active for 28 days. It does this by forming a film that kills on contact and creates an antimicrobial layer with persistent activity. This enables the disinfectant to continue fighting harmful germs over and over again.

This disinfectant is perfect for protection in hospitals, nursing homes, factories and offices; places where people are in close proximity to each other for extended periods of time.

Our disinfectant bonds to all surfaces including bench tops, stainless steel, PVC plastics, aluminium, wood, linoleum, carpet, curtains and fabrics, polished concrete, stone and more. This, coupled with our UVL fogger, which reaches all exposed surfaces by misting product throughout a room means, as an employer, you’re promised total protection for your customers and employees.

This new cleaner is a standout. It offers long lasting protection while other competing products dissipate in minutes. It’s bleach and chlorine free, meaning you won’t be struck by that awful ammonia smell when you walk into your pristine office Monday morning. As it bonds to the surface of fabrics, it’s safe to use without damage or staining. And rather than working like other chemicals that poison cells, our new disinfectant physically destroys the membrane that holds virus cells together. This means its workplace and human safe.

Contact us to book a monthly fog of your workspace or for more info on our TGA tested and approved disinfectant. We have scientific studies to back all claims made in this article. At Infoclean, your health and safety is our priority.

Swab test

We understand businesses want greater assurance and transparency regarding the cleanliness of their office during the pandemic. At Infoclean, we’ve met this need by collaborating with local labs and clinics to offer our customers a 48 hr turnaround of COVID-19 swab tests of their workplaces, should they want one.

State of the art training and equipment

Infoclean is your best choice for professional Coronavirus cleaning. All of our staff members have completed the Department of Health’s training for infection control. Our team is also armed with the highest quality PPE:

  • Double-filter respiratory masks
  • Disposable gloves
  • Sealed googles
  • Hazguard suits
  • P2 N95 Masks

On top of this, we sanitise high traffic areas as part of our regular clean. All locations have cleaners inducted by a team leader experienced in sanitisation.

So you can rest assured that, whether you’re after a regular clean or a pandemic clean (for those workplaces who have a confirmed case of COVID-19), we’ll ensure all touchpoints and high traffics areas are sanitised effectively

Let’s get you protected

At Infoclean, we’re about working with you. We aim to fit your needs while offering unparalleled protection. As Coronavirus looks to stay here long term, it’s vital we take an active role in putting safeguards in place to ensure our businesses operate as smoothly as possible whilst minimising infection risk. Contact us today to arrange a monthly protective fogging, or a daily clean that targets all touch points and high traffic areas in your place of work. We can also arrange swab tests for your office, to give you peace of mind.

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