Coronavirus in Sydney

A message from Infoclean,

There’s been a breakout of a new virus called the Coronavirus. The rates in Australia are rising daily with the majority of cases appearing in Sydney. Considering the mortality and spreadability rates of this disease, it is vital we do our bit to help prevent the virus’ spread throughout our communities.

Some additional steps to follow to ensure you maintain a healthy team:

1. Wash your hands whenever you enter and leave your work area.

2. Use gloves as needed.

3. Use antiseptic to wipe all door handles, light switches, taps, fridge doors, microwaves and any place that receives hand traffic in the office.

4. All food prep areas should be cleaned with sanitiser. It’s incredibly important to keep areas in contact with food clean, tidy and germ free at all times.

5. Provide hand sanitising area at reception for all people entering the office.

We ensure each workplace is cleaned to their specific requirements, guaranteeing quality and assuring our clients during this danger period.

Being aware of these practices in your day to day is also important. Discussing these measures with family and friends will ensure their wellbeing. Vigilance will prevent this virus from spreading.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require any further information or need someone to ensure your premises is kept clean and tidy.

Maicol Infante


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