How to choose a Sydney office cleaning company?

We’ve heard it said that the best office cleaning companies are the ones you never notice. This refers to their working unobtrusively and at times that best suit their clients. That’s fine, but we also believe you should notice that they have been at work – simply by the superbly clean environment they have produced for your clients and staff to benefit from.

That said, a key question is asked in the title of this blog. Here are seven important questions you might want to ask office cleaning companies when considering which to choose:

1. Who can you approach for a testimonial about their work?

You would hope to receive a range of responses to this, and then pick out as many as you want to contact. If you are only given a single name, then wonder why! It’s also interesting to know how long such customers have been using this company. If references are only for short time periods, again you’d be curious to understand why.

2. Are they capable of dealing with all parts of your working environment?

You may require nothing more than standard office cleaning services. However, for many companies and organisations, there may be a range of different areas and diverse cleaning needs. You need to be confident that the company you choose can work to your required standards in all of them. Again, testimonials might provide the confidence you seek in making your choice.

3. Do they contract some, or all, of the office cleaning work out to others?

We’ve always found it important to know exactly who you are dealing with. If companies do contract out, it would be good to know the reasons for their decision. This could add time to the selection process, as you’d also certainly want to check out the sub-contractors being used and their reputation.

4. Can each company produce a copy of their standard office cleaning checklist or working practices?

This is a useful starting point, and can then be added to, or otherwise amended, to produce an exact and clear specification covering the office cleaning work they will undertake for you here in Sydney.

5. Are the cleaning team suitably qualified, checked and fully insured?

It’s important to know how often management will carry out quality assurance inspections of their team’s work. You’ll also want to know that anyone entering your premises has undergone suitability screening and relevant police checks, and are fully trained and competent in following key workplace health and safety procedures.

6. How do they test and measure client satisfaction?

Does any firm you are considering using offer the facility for customer satisfaction surveys to be completed, and will all results be shared with you? Tied to this, how are any complaints or suggestions handled on an ongoing basis?

7. How does this company handle your initial contact?

You would expect any company to both be willing to visit your premises and then to complete a detailed assessment of your office cleaning Sydney needs. From this, you should then expect to receive a detailed and completely obligation-free quotation.

The above seven questions don’t form an exhaustive list; each cleaning contract will be different, and you may well have specific needs or areas of concern to consider. However, we hope these provide a useful starting point if you are tasked with reaching this important business decision.

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