6 things to consider when hiring your Sydney office cleaner

There are plenty of cleaning options for your Sydney office. With this huge range, how do you know what’s right for you? Let’s go through some things worth considering when you’re looking to hire a Sydney office cleaner.


Ask your friends, family and neighbours for the best cleaning service company to hire, and they’ll give you not just a name, but their experience with the service as well. Extend this invitation to colleagues and neighbouring offices and be sure to ask about: 

  • Their satisfaction with the services
  • Reasons why they recommend that service to you

Be sure to also check the Sydney office cleaner’s website and Google reviews. The website allows you to review their services and google reviews will give you a strong indication of how their customers view their service—both positive and negative.

Quality over price

Just because a cleaning service offers a low price doesn’t mean they’re right for you or your budget. Often hidden in their quote are extra charges, and you’ll end up with a heftier bill than you were expecting.

Instead, go for cleaning services that give reasonable, transparent quotes. Some services might charge higher than usual, but this often means you’re paying for the quality of service and the cleaning products/ equipment they use.

You can think of it this way: No restaurant serves a cheap steak unless it’s not up to par.


Whether you require a one-time cleaning, a monthly tidy-up or cleaning on a regular basis, they should be able to work to your cleaning needs. They should also be skilled and experienced enough to fulfil their claim of delivering the cleaning service you hired them for.


Having the owner involved in the operations of the cleaning service gives you the guarantee that their work is monitored/supervised. Plus, when inevitable situations occur (accidents, damage to property, or worse, theft), an authority from the cleaning company is readily available to discuss these matters with you.

Cleaning Equipment/Supplies

This is an obvious, but easy to overlook, factor. Your Sydney office cleaner should come armed with more than a duster and a broom.

Do they use the right cleaning products and equipment that efficiently clean without damage to your furniture, walls or other parts of your Sydney office?

Your instincts

A simple email exchange, an obligation free quote, a talk in your office—doesn’t matter where or when. Having a chat with your would-be cleaner helps you determine their professionalism, work standards and ethics. 

This is the most important information you’ll require in order to see how the Sydney cleaner aligns with your specific needs. After all, you’re entrusting them to clean the personal and private space that is your office. It’s important you feel safe and secure when they do their job.

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